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Premium Grade Noble Fir
These trees are completely free of any defects, providing you with a top quality Christmas tree from any angle.  Noble Fir Christmas trees are grown only in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon where they are a high elevation tree in their native state. So Noble Fir Christmas tree farms are located higher up in the mountains where they receive over 60 inches of rain annually and plenty of frost before harvest insuring the trees become fully dormant. These are key determining factors for improved needle retention and keeping Christmas trees fresh in people’s homes.
#1 Grade Grand Fir
#1 Grade Douglas Fir
Beerbower Christmas Trees         444 CLOQUALLUM RD.      ELMA, WASH.
We take  great pride in offering the highest quality of premium Christmas Trees.  All of our trees are grown onsite and hand trimmed to provide the most beautiful and full trees available.

If you have any questions regarding our trees or would like more information, please contact us:
Grand Fir grow well in the moist soil of the low lands on the farm.
Alpine Douglas Fir are grown on the farm in the foot hills of the Olympic Mountians. This example on tne farm is 71/2 yrs. old 12 ft. beauty.
#1 Grade Douglas Fir
Family members helping out at harvest time. We will cut your tree for you, bale your tree, and secure it for transport to your home.
   Salmon viewing bridge
Grouse in the Xmas trees
In the months of Nov.& Dec. wild Chinook Salmon can be watched from this bridge on the farm while on your way to pick out that perfect tree.
Many wild friends live on the farm. Grouse (above) are all over the farm and two herds of Elk frequent the farm. Mother and new baby (below) eat apples
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.